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Fang Guyuan

Fang: A name for a number of drugs combined to recover certain diseases and discomforts.计量.用法。 Ancient: In today's relative, the age is long, after years of accumulation。 Yuan: that is, the beginning of everything, the source of everything, the beginning of one yuan, the meaning of vientiane renewal。 Conditioning liquid: that is, the meaning of Chinese medicine liquid, Chinese medicine liquid is essence, the ingredients are prepared by more than 60 kinds of rare Chinese medicine extract essence and brewing for more than five years (animal organs, pangolins, dragons, etc.)。 Extraction by high technology (nitrogen dioxide supercritical extraction technology)。Maintain five high quality plants: high activity, high polymer, high purity, high permeability, high absorption。 Source: From the palace secret recipe, ancient law inheritance。Taste: Royal temperament, noble taste。

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